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About Teach U Tech 101

Teach U Tech 101 is geared to help individuals who feel that technology is far beyond their capabilities . Since creating Teach U Tech 101, I have found that what the majority of people want is for someone to be patient with them.  Unlike the younger generation who were born into technology, most everyone else has had to adjust to the way technology has changed or been introduced into their life.  I believe that with a little bit of help and encouragement, everyone can enjoy the benefits of technology, and make day to day life better.
Middle School Teacher of the Year 2009
Ron Salandro
I began my teaching career later in  life, teaching sixteen years at the Middle School level, after having accomplished my goals in the business world.  Teaching fulfilled a lifelong dream to give back and then make a difference in a young persons life.  My travels throughout the United States allowed me to bring my first hand experiences to my students and to encourage them toward a broader world through education.  Many of the things I did in the business world prepared me to deliver a strong message to students that hard work and effort pay huge dividends in life.  

My accomplishments were rewarding and satisfying because I was able to incorporate technology into my classroom as a way to engage students who may have lost interest or were unable to understand the material through conventional means.  I began by using video to create lessons and computers to facilitate research.  The last four years that I taught were particularly rewarding.  Through much hard work of the staff and administration, we were able to create a class that allowed me to produce with the students, a daily live fifteen minute morning news broadcast.  The broadcast was shown to the student body and displayed student talents of script writing, video production for commercials and public service announcements, the use of green screen effects for the weather, animation through Aname, and live teacher and student interviews.  

Finally, the most rewarding thing for me was that while I was teaching and helping students, I found that I was learning and keeping up with the changes that came so rapidly with technology.  The following is one of my favorite quotes by French philosopher Joseph Jobert  ' To Teach Is To Learn Twice.'  I truly believe that to be the truth.
When I retired from teaching in 2010, I found that writing about what it was like to suddenly not be doing what was a major part of my life, could be addressed through Blogging.  I found that writing a blog about some things that interested me was a great diversion and once again share with others some of my life's experiences.  You can view a few of my Blogs by clicking the link below.
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